SMG MAILER is an online service where registered members can e-mail offers to each other spam free.
You send e-mails promoting your web site or offers to our list of verified opt-in members, they read or open your email to receive credits.  Other members then use those credits to email you through our site.  It is basically a free online marketing exchange,  where members send and receive emails from other members who are like minded online entrepreneurs and marketers just like you.
TIP: SMG MAILER E-Mails and Solo Ads are the single most focused form of advertising you can use.

Is SMG MAILER Free? Can I Stay A Free Member?
Yes! SMG MAILER and all of the services are available for Free but, offers the options to upgrade if you choose.
Obviously, Upgraded Members have several different benefits far more than free members will receive.
You will never be required to upgrade in order to use the PROFESSIONAL SMG MAILER Services.
TIP: FREE is good but, being upgraded makes it easier and faster to get your advertising seen.

How Can I Mail SMG MAILER Members?
Each SMG MAILER Member has agreed to receive marketing emails.  SMG MAILER has a credit based mail system and a purchased Solo Ad for your use.  As our membership base grows, you will have the ability to reach more and more prospects depending on your membership level.  SMG MAILER works on Credits, 1 Credit = 1 Member you can send an email, everyone earns credits by reading other member's emails, purchasing them or upgrading your membership.
TIP: Click on MISSED or UNREAD Mails Tab to see the emails you missed in your inbox.

How do I use the Mailer Surfbar?
The website opens within a surfing guarded frame, which includes a timer clock, at the end of the timer countdown, the viewing member earns credits towards sending his/her own email to members, by clicking the matching image and you proceed to the next ad and repeat this process.

How Do I Earn Commissions?
All members are automatically given affiliate rights when they join SMG MAILER. This means that you can share your unique affiliate link to referr others to join. When someone joins using your link you earn residual credits should they be active, and you can earn commissions from your direct referrals upgrades and advertising purchases.
TIP: Make sure to fill in the downline builder ASAP, build your downline not the person who referred you.

What else does SMG MAILER offer?
SMG MAILER offers other types of advertising, such as login spotlight, solo ads, banner and text link advertising both on the website, and also in email frames.  SMG MAILER also has a viral banner program that shows member's 468 banners on over 20 Top Marketing Exchanges.
TIP: Every member must login to use the site,  You can show a Login Spotlight Ad that will be seen by every one of them.

What is my relationship with SMG MAILER?
Your relationship to SMG MAILER is one of an independent contractor and/or customer.  No employee-employer relationship is created by your use of our Services. You do not have any obligation to refer new members to SMG MAILER and SMG MAILER has NO OBLIGATION to offer the Sevices or Promotions to you.

SMG MAILER is in no way associated with, but only uses reputable payment processors to receive or send payments. We do not control the actions of these processor companies. It is your responsibility and you MUST follow thier Policies. If you do not have an account that receives payments from us, then you may use any earnings for on-site purchases.
TIP: Make sure to fill in the payment processor in your PROFILE ASAP.

How Does SMG MAILER Prevent Fraud
Each member must use a valid email address which will be verified. Any bounced emails will cause the immediate suspension of their account. To receive payments from SMG MAILER, members must use their real/legal name. Your Payment Processor name and your SMG MAILER user name must match to receive payments. At any time, we may ask for proof of ID before sending commissions.
TIP: Make sure to use a GMAIL email account to avoid any bounced emails

What Is SMG MAILER's Refund Policy?
SMG MAILER provides a digital product and service. Since all orders are automatically credited to your account via the IPN system and commissions are paid at time of purchase NO REFUNDS will be provided at all. SMG MAILER does not guarantee results from using our product as this is solely the responsibility of the user.

SMG MAILER will not be held responsible or liable for any problems, damages, or losses that may occur with regard to a member's direct association with any payment processor .  If any member cancels their SMG MAILER account, that member will be responsible for cancelling any subscriptions that member may have with SMG MAILER through any payment processor. Member MUST go to thier processor account and cancel the subscription, otherwise the monthly fees will continue. YOUR Payment Processor account maintenance is YOUR responsibility! SMG MAILER will not issue any refunds for failure to cancel services.

FAQ's can be changed without notice, members continuing to use services agree to follow.

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